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What Navcore for TomTom GO 720

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  • What Navcore for TomTom GO 720


    Right now i am using Navcore 9.024 for my TomTom GO 720. Is it a good idea to update to a newer version? I was thinking on Navcore SE 9.053 or Navcore SE 9.101. Can someone give me recommendations and is there any changes between 9.024 vs 9.053 vs 9.101?

    Thank you!

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    Re: What Navcore for TomTom GO 720

    I would say give it a go. Back up your current config or use a different SD card to play around with. If you don't like it, you go back to 9.024.
    Generally speaking there should only be minor differences in these versions and the SE treatment probably irons these out.
    The Go series are one of the most forgiving Tomtoms out there. There's even success with the 9.201 navcore from the Rider3.

    I use the 9.051 on my 920T. All works except the EPT feature of the 9** series so I might try the 9.053 version for the x50 series.