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hello need help please navcore on 920t

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  • mike231276
    started a topic hello need help please navcore on 920t

    hello need help please navcore on 920t

    hi can somebody tell me how to install the navcore 9.1 on a tomtom 920t step by step. for example how do you install on flash what program to use every step and .... i got really confused by the tutorial here in the forum so pls help me snifff thank you

  • heijx
    Re: hello need help please navcore on 920t

    Ask yourself why you want a newer Navcore first. You will lose EPT functionality and possibly other functions too. 8.351 still is most compatible to the 920.

    Having said that, the procedure is quite straightforward:
    1. Stay away from the current installation on internal memory but get yourself a Class6 SDHC card.
    2. Get the full SE version of the navcore you pursue (9.051, 9.053, 9.101 etc) and copy it towards the card.
    3. If you like, download a newer map, copy it to the SDHC card as well and patch it to your device. The SE Navcore however sees the map on the internal memory too.
    When you boot with the SDHC card inserted, the new Navcore boots. Otherwise, the old navcore boots.

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