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Need some help...Tomtom go 530

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  • Need some help...Tomtom go 530

    Hello guys. I am new in here....sen lots of discussions, but didnt find anything to match what i need.
    I got a tonton go 530 with Italy map and i want to get europe maps or eastern europe.
    Any advice would be more than welcome.
    Seen about easyusetools and sources for maps, but i dont know what kind of navcore to download....and i suppose that the tutorials will help.
    The problem is with the navcore....

    Thank you

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    Re: Need some help...Tomtom go 530

    Sorry for the bad is a tomtom go 530


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      Re: Need some help...Tomtom go 530

      To start off with I suggest keeping things simple...don't run before you know how to walk in effect. The stuff below will work and can be improved upon later but only if compromises are made ,whereas , follow my suggestions and the only compromise you make is everything working exactly as it should!
      1) make a full copy of everything that's inside your tomtom (make sure you have your computer set to "show all files and folders" including hidden ones) and save it on your computer as an emergency back up so you can always reload it if you need to.
      2) use the tomtom home program on your computer (with your tomtom connected via usb) to update the 530 and keep doing that until it has no more updates to offer.
      3) you will now probably have navcore 8.351 installed on your tomtom and will still be able to use your old map.
      4)now you need to use any of the tools on this forum to "patch" the navcore on your 530 so it can use maps you don't pay for. The file that needs patching is :
      ttsystem which is about 8mb in size in the 8.351 navcore.
      5)now you need to find the right map for your 530...luckily it can use any map at all. Some of them are better but that makes them bigger as well so you will need a memory card to use them. The newest maps are 850-xxxx.
      6)put the new map on the memory card and use a tool to make the .dct file for it (known as cracking the map)

      you are done!
      if you need any extra help with any of the above, just use the reply button and someone will respond


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        Re: Need some help...Tomtom go 530

        I suppose that will work.
        But now i got a problem with my TT...
        When i try to connect it, windows says "usb device not recognized" One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned and windows does not recognize it"
        Everything was working fine until i plugged it today...
        I am using windows 7, 64x...
        Any way to make it work again?
        I didnt try to do anything to the TT device...just plugged it today and the message popped...


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          Re: Need some help...Tomtom go 530

          Was there an SD card inserted? Does it work without the SD card?

          You can try resetting your Tomtom, but that will lose your favourite settings. First try to connect to a different computer for a second opinion.


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            Re: Need some help...Tomtom go 530

            The device came without a SD card and i just bought one.
            Tried to reset but no change.
            Will have to connect to a different computer and see if is connecting.
            Thank you for the replies...


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              Re: Need some help...Tomtom go 530

              I am back...
              There was a problem with the data cable...Fixed it.
              Here is the
              Just installed Eastern Europe_850.2820 on the TT device using Alberts Easy Activator.
              I have a question... Right now i am in Italy and planning to go to Eastern Europe in few weeks.
              Eastern europe doesnt knows about Italy. If i plan the trip i need to switch the map.
              That wouldn't be a problem.
              Let's say that i want to install Central and Eastern Europe....or ALL the Europe on the device. What should i do if I want to install on the external memory?
              I wanted to install Eastern Europe on the external memory but Alberts Easy Activator wouldn't let me do it.
              Any help would be appreciated.
              I dont want to uninstall anything because i am so happy that with this map...

              Right now i am downloading [Central and Eastern Europe][850.2781] and i want to install it on the external memory...What should i do ?

              Thank you


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                Re: Need some help...Tomtom go 530

                I always use Easyusetools in "offline" mode. That is, I copy the .pna and .meta files to the \insertmetafileshere folder in the extracted easyusetools folder structure. In there I patch the files and I copy the .pna, .meta and .dct files back to the map folder. Works all the time. The options are "Runmefordct.cmd" and "Run for files in \insertmetafileshere". Make sure you enter the device unique ID in the file deviceID.txt and have an up to date meta.txt (also in the folder \easyusetools).
                On a Go you can use maps and voices on both internal and SD memory.
                Another option, depending on how big the SD card that you bought is, is getting the entire Europe map, "Europe 850.2800". This is 2263 MB, which you might be able to trim under 2GB by replacing the cspeech*.dat files with empty dummies. It just needs to fit on 2 GB on its own, you don't need space for the navcore which is still on the internal memory. The 2800 map has all features like ALG, IQ and the likes.


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                  Re: Need some help...Tomtom go 530

                  Thank you for the reply.

                  Right now I am downloading Europe 850.2801.

                  I suppose that i don't need to patch the TT device, as I did it already. The only thing to be patched is the map... Am I right?

                  Found a thread about the 2GB maps to be fitted on 2 GB memory cards.

                  Need to wait and see what happens.

                  Will be back in few hours with further questions, if needed...


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                    Re: Need some help...Tomtom go 530

                    Everything is solved now.

                    Added the Europe 2GB map and used the Alberts Easy Activator... Everything worked like a charm.

                    Thank you all for the help.