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how to install new navcore by using CAB file

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  • how to install new navcore by using CAB file

    Anyone got a tutorial on how to install a new Navcore by using a CAB file?

    I have the following CAB file and want to use it to rebuild my GO730.

    I have searched thid forum for some instructions but could not find any.
    Any instructions you kind people can provide will be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: how to install new navcore by using CAB file

    This version should work without modifications on a 730. Please note that the truck map is more than 2 GB so it only fits on a 4 GB SDHC card or bigger.

    I would keep my internal memory as is and put the 8.396 navcore on the SDHC card along with the truck map. In that way the Tomtom is standard when running without card and truck nav when using the SD card.
    The cab file should be extracted to your (empty) SD card. It can be opened with Windows Explorer but also with Winzip/7-zip using contextmenu-extract.
    Once the files are extracted (you should have files and folders in the main folder, not in a subfolder called 8.396.go_work.CAB-navcore-GO-WORK.rev1), you can add the truck map to the card, in its own folder.
    Then you need to patch the navcore and the map (remember that next to the .meta there is also the .tmeta file) and hey presto, a Go 7000 is born!


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      Re: how to install new navcore by using CAB file

      Thanks for the reply.
      When I compare the files in the CAB (after being extracted using winzip) to the files from my 730 running 8.395, there are lots of missing files. Do I need to worry about these?
      I wasnt sure, so what I ended up doing was adding all the missing files to the unzipped CAB files. It seens to work.

      Another question. Why have you mentioned the truck map? Is this version only meant for the truck maps? Ive never used truck maps before, is there any benefit if I only have a car?


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        Re: how to install new navcore by using CAB file

        The missing files probably are config files and save settings files which were created after you first had your previous navcore working.

        I mentioned the truck map not because this navcore is meant only for truck maps, but because it is the only version meant for truckmaps. Therefore I assumed that you wanted to install this version in order to read truck maps.
        The added benefit is that for a few countries in Europe the restrictions for height, weight and axle weight are included.
        On the navcore you can enter the dimensions and weight of your vehicle (truck, car and trailer, touring car etc) and when navigating it circumvents low bridges and the likes. There are no added benefits for your device if you do just drive a regular car and use a regular map. I can't think of a disadvantage either though.