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Newbie and TomTom Go530

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  • Newbie and TomTom Go530

    I have had problems with my TTGO530 from new. It doesnt hold any charge in the battery and I constantly have to keep it on charge in the car or in the cradle plugged into my pc. I came here looking for help and see a whole wealth of other things that could enhance my TT.

    I would be grateful if someone could let me know what I would need to download to update my TomTom. I have read the tutorials (some of it has gone in!) but having never done anything like this it all seems a bit tecky!

    I understand I need to update the o/s or Navcore. Which one is currently the best for a TomTomGo530?
    I use the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland map pack V825.2157 Is there a newer map available and is it any better?
    I like to use my TomTom for the Mp3 player and have a 32gb SD Card (type 6) Will I still be able to use this via the radio transmitter?

    I really would appreciate any help you guys can offer. There seems to be so many files out there to download and I dont really feel confident that I am using the correct version of the maps or Navcore.

    Thanks in anticipation.

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    Re: Newbie and TomTom Go530

    Upfront, I doubt that a navcore upgrade will magically recondition your battery so you also need to swap the battery in your tomtom. This is the same battery used by the Go 630/730/930/520/720/920 models. There are a few guides online on how to open your tomtom and replace the battery. Try and find a reseller that includes the Torx screwdriver that you need.

    About the navcore and updating it: You''ll be best off with your current navcore since there's no knowing what will happen to FM transmission and the MP3 player when you try an SE navcore. Just check if it is version 8.351 that you are running. If it is lower, update your Tomtom through TomtomHome to 8.351. Then patch that navcore using Easyusetools or yDG patcher.
    Next download the latest map, which is 850.****. In the comparison chart here you will find that for the UK and ROI the map 850.2781 has all the functions. You will also need to patch that map with the same tools. More about patching in the tools subforum.
    If you want a Europe map, you will have to copy it to the SDHC card since the internal memory of the 530 will not hold it.


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      Re: Newbie and TomTom Go530

      All I did with my Go530 was copy all the files from the device to an SD card deleted the old map off the SD card, installed a new map onto sd card and patched / keygenned with easyusetools whilst card still in the pc. This left my Go530 as it left the shop, to use the new map I install the SD into the device and when it boots up the card over rides the internal memory letting you use the new map. The map I am using is UK & ROI 850.2821 which has theIQ routes and ALG etc running on original navcore, regarding battery im sure heijx is correct