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navcore 9.053

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  • navcore 9.053

    Perhaps yurigig (or whatever his name is), rather than laying on the sarcasm, can indicate to me where, in

    there is any reference to the above navcore

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    Re: navcore 9.053

    Your reply does not make a lot of sense.

    So the experts (or expert yuriggg) know that 9.053 means the same as... 9022-9024-9025-9026-9051-9041-9051-9053-9054-9056-9071-9101-9103-9200-9201-9205 mmm!!
    Yes it is difficult to understand. And how is a non-expert supposed to know this?

    If the aim is economy, why are separate columns devoted to 8.2x, 8.3x,8.39x, 8.41.x 8.5x, 8.84x and 9.00x when all have the same applicability.

    If it irritates you, why not leave the thread open so that someone more tolerant can give a sensible, logical and helpful reply?


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      Re: navcore 9.053

      I think you are both right. I feel for you Yuriyggg. Some times I feel the same but keep in mind that some folks tend to prefer asking a question than to look for it. You can't shoot them for that.
      Maybe a bold printed sticky in every section named" Please look here before posting" with a few lines directing people to look at least at the stickies in each section, could help some people to find answers before posting a question that more advanced users think it's silly.
      Give it a thought.