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Map advice needed again please.

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  • Map advice needed again please.

    HI all, again, lol.

    I still can't make sense from the info on the map chart.

    I am about to part company with my Dell Axim X5 PDA. It has served me well as both a main and backup nav device but its time to go.

    Before it goes, I would like to update it as best I can for the new owner.

    It's currently TT 7.450 (9028) and map version 835_2421 on WM2003

    As before, the most recent UK map that will work would be great

    Many thanks.

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    Re: Map advice needed again please.

    Once again I thank you very much. Technically the 850_2820 doesn't work with the v7.450 software.

    However, I stumbled on a thread after I had posted that confirmed v7.910 (9185) works on WM2003. I was not aware of this.

    I have updated both the core software and the map successfully, so its now WM2003, v7.910 with the 850_2820 map.

    I have left this as a reference to others in need of the same info.

    Just to add, I think the highest software version that works on WM2003 is indeed 7.910, and the current highest map version is 850_2820.
    (If the map version increases, please state on this thread and I will edit it)

    Many thanks.


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      Re: Map advice needed again please.

      Originally posted by yuriyggg
      Bold statement, but it is absolutely wrong
      2820 works fine with 7450
      Maybe I did something wrong then. I tried 850_2820 with the 7.450 software and the error was that the activation code was wrong. (As opposed to "No Maps Found")

      However, after I had updated the nav software, the same map worked fine. I had only used Alberts Activator on the first attempt, the DCT file was the same one on the second try.

      I'm certainly no expert with this stuff, just repoting my own experiences.