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Newbie - Please help! TomTom One 2nd Edition

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  • Newbie - Please help! TomTom One 2nd Edition


    Hope someone can help me here. I have TomTom One 2nd Edition (yes I know its very old) and I want to update the maps on the TT. I have tried everything in the forums, downloaded 3-4 different maps and have had now luck with anything. I get all the parts being successful until I load up my TT for it to say 'No maps Found'.

    My TomTom One details:

    App vers - 7.903 (9183/081205) OS:2344
    Current map - 'united_kingdom_and_republic_of_ireland' v675.1409

    I have brought a new 2GB SD card to put the new maps on and kept the original SD card as my backup.

    I have so far:
    • Copied over data on old SD card to new SD card
    • Downloaded 850 maps, i first wanted to try to get Europe maps but that failed and then tried UK maps
    • copied the new maps onto the SD card, replacing the old maps
    • using easyusetools and the Meta data, converted the files
    • using easyusetools, patched the system file
    • using easyusetools patched the DLL's for TT Home
    • everything was successful

    loaded up the TomTom, and all it says 'no maps found'

    I dont know where I am going wrong and I hope someone can really help.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    Re: Newbie - Please help! TomTom One 2nd Edition

    Sorry I didnt get that