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  • TomTom Go500

    Hi all ive got a TT Go500 and would like to run truck on it, reading the fourms i believe i need to do the below if any one can comfirm this i shall give it a go.....
    1. tt is at its latest offical version 7.903
    2. back it all up (which i presume is just hook it up to pc and copy it all over into a folder)
    3. boot loader is on 4**** so i need to change that to 5.012 so it excepts larger sd cards the correct navcore and map :
    Map= 850.2800 Western and Central Europe
    Navcore= 8.393
    Would these be compatable????
    un pack to sd card to and use easy tools to patch......
    please feel free to flick stuff at me if ive just made myself look like a right nonse.......
    cheers for any help you can give.....scott

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    Re: TomTom Go500



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      Re: TomTom Go500

      Right, ive downloaded Navcore 8395, boot loader 5.5120, and uk ire map (just to try it) 850.2782.... with out maps tomtom boots up and gives me the 'No maps screen' normal i presume....when i load map on after goin through the alberts easy blah blah. the tomtom goes in to a boot loop....any idea's?

      the place i want to get to on my go500 is tomtom truck navcore with central and western europe maps....anyone know where im goin wrong....cheers


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        Re: TomTom Go500

        another one for all u brain boxes, ive finaly got truck working on my Go500,
        now..... ive tried 2 differant Navcores and both work! 8.393 and 8.396
        my question is 8.393 is very stable but when it boots up and asks for vehicle or when you plan destination it has no images of the vehicles you can choose from, also it freezes and reboots when i try to use bluetooth for handsfree(is this normal)..

        and 8396 boots up great! gives me all the images of the vehicles to choose from bluetooth works a treat, but after approx 5mins of driving and navigating it reboots its self...

        ive looked through this and other fourms yet i cant find the answer..hence my post...
        i thought it may have been the mapsettings.cfg but i dont have that in the map folder
        and ive also tried the noautosuspend.dat thingy
        any advise?
        thanks Razor


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          Re: TomTom Go500

          just an seems with navcore 8.396 if i keep the in-car charger connected it stays alive whilst navigating and fully functional ...after i disconect and as soon as a navigational command is given (ie turn left in 300 meters) the TT shuts off totally like its blown a fuse or summat....... any one shed any light on it or experianced the same?


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            Re: TomTom Go500

            Is the battery still ok? What was the battery autonomy before you loaded this navcore?