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Tom Tom XL - Problem!

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  • Tom Tom XL - Problem!

    good night!

    I apologize for my "English" but I'm from Portugal.

    I have a TOM TOM XL (Europe 11) who is having trouble to connecting it. (ON / OFF).

    Formerly it was enough to press the button of "power" over 2 / 3 seconds to turn ON the GPS and it connected normally.

    Currently, I have to load for 15 seconds to get connected. As it researched, these 15 seconds, a reset is done to the equipment, which allows it to connect.

    The navcore, the maps too, is all original. But the problem persists! And i don't know what can i do. I've already switched the navcore, maps, everything. Now, it's all original because i've created a backup....... Could you help me?

    And sorry for my "English "......


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    Re: Tom Tom XL - Problem!

    First of all, a reset is the normal result of pressing on/off for 15 seconds, so at least this is normal behaviour.

    Have you connected to Tomtom Home to obtain the latest version of the navcore for your device? Depending on hte model it is 8.010 or 8.081 or higher, so if it is a version 7.* you definitely want a newer version.

    The false starts may be a result of file corruption:
    Empty your tomtom again.
    Then connect it to TomtomHome and let it install the "tomtom Application".
    Disconnect the tomtom and reconnect to TomtomHome and Update again.
    When there are no new updates, copy back your map folder and possibly voice files and car art. Leave out the cfg and dat files from the backup.
    Now you should have a fresh tomtom.


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      Re: Tom Tom XL - Problem!


      Here i'm again!
      And still the same! I've did everytinhg tha heijx said but it's still the same! It only boots after 15 seconds preessing the power button!

      I don't know what can i else do.....

      Can somebody help me, please?