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no bluetooth calling with sd card map

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  • no bluetooth calling with sd card map

    Hey lads and gals,

    First of, thanks for all the great community support! I'd aprpeciate some more

    I got a new map for my TT Go730 - however instead of patching my TT I used my backup files to patch the map alone and then I copied it to a clean sd card.

    This allows me to choose which map I want to use in my device (and keeps me safe in case a cop decides to check my device).

    However, while using the map from the sd card I'm unable to make bluetooth calls through my mobile - apparently they hear me, but I can't hear them.

    This issue disappears after removing the sd card.

    Any thoughts on this much appreciated!


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    Re: no bluetooth calling with sd card map

    If I understand correctly you are using a patched copy of your navcore on the SD card and an original navcore on the Go itself. It looks like the copy on the SD card is not complete. You should make a comparison between the files on both memory locations and add files on the SD card which are missing there. Compare all but the map and voices folders since voices can be used from either memory and the map obviously is different. Files in the main directory should match on both memories, except of course that the ttsystem on the SD is a patched version. Just copy missing files to the SD card, reboot and it should be fine. Otherwise, start from anew with the SD card: Remove the map folder from it, connect your Tomtom with SD card inserted to TTHome, select SD card, let TTHome install the latest official navcore 8.351, then patch that and copy back the map.