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tomtom one v2 newbie navcore and map help !!!

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  • tomtom one v2 newbie navcore and map help !!!

    i will appologise if this has been asked 100 times already but ive spent nearly two days trying to update my tt one v2 with no success, ive tried to follow the instuctions on the site and ones that others have left,ive tried patching myself and pre patched files, so far i managed to get navcore 9 i think it was to work but only with my old maps...this is driving me made im sure it s somthing really stupid im not doing / doing right...ive tried differnt maps difference software to activate them even when i try to patch tt home i get vb script error ?? any help prefferably links would be greatly welcomed.......ive gone back to standard to start again from app 6.560 united_kingdom_and_republic_of_ireland v660.1199

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    Re: tomtom one v2 newbie navcore and map help !!!

    Im in the same boat.
    I actually "Thought" I was pretty savvy when it came to hacking/flashing things but NOT NOW !
    US maps. TomTom one v2 will NOT activate maps Ive tried 5 different activators etc..


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      Re: tomtom one v2 newbie navcore and map help !!!

      With such an old navcore loaded the first step you should take is to use Tomtom Home to update it to the current navcore via "Update my device". At this point you're still fully legit and should make a new Full Back up of everything on your TTone and save it somewhere safe, for use in the event of catastrophe .
      Next you should try to patch the navcore which is usually done to the "ttsystem" file BUT,if you have a file called "PNDNavigator" , then that's the file that needs patching.
      Now you need to add and crack your preferred map which is where most dudes come unstuck as they grab a map that's not compatible with their installed navcore.. hope that helps


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        Re: tomtom one v2 newbie navcore and map help !!!

        what would be a compatible map? there are SO many??
        I just NEED this to work I leave for a 1200 mile trip in less than 18 hours !!!!


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          Re: tomtom one v2 newbie navcore and map help !!!

          The latest "official" navcore for the ONE model is 7.903 and you can download that from TomTom Home.

          The map that will work with this navcore is UK & RoI 850.2820 which is 149.4 Mb:
          The direct link to this map is here: I suggest you use the easiest tool called "FastActivate" (Premium Edition v1.4), 1.15Mb, since you're short of time
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