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ASR not working, updated cspeech files needed?

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  • ASR not working, updated cspeech files needed?

    I had a TT 720 updated to navcore 9.101SE and map US Mex Can 8.50.2784. All is working fine except the Command & Control and voice activation features. I copied the ASR folder from my backup install with the support_asr.dat file. I could only find the cspeech files for NA 710 and put those in the map folder.

    Now the ASR feature seems to want to work, but cuts straight to the keyboard when I choose to navigate by voice prompt. The mic icon is lit up but pressing it does nothing. I have access to the C&C preferences but there is no mic icon on the main map display.

    Do I need updated cspeech files? Am I missing something? Is there a config entry/emulation mode I can try for the SE navcore? I've used x40 and x50 w/o success.

    Thanks all!

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    Re: ASR not working, updated cspeech files needed?

    The 2784 map should have the cspeech files included already. It sounds to me like your map is not complete somehow. I would expect these files to change since the 710 map version.