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  • TomTom POI updates

    On the last two occaisions I've connected to TT Home2 I've had a (partial) answer to an unasked question 'Are POIs update by TT Home?'
    As well as being offered QuickGPS fix and MapShare I've also been offered MapShare POI updates. I don't know if 'update' implies 'add', 'amend' and 'delete'. nor if it is restricted to POIs which come with the map (Europe 850-2800 in my case), or includes POIs downloaded from TT Home2. Whichever, some POIs are updated, but I have no idea which.

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    Re: TomTom POI updates

    In all the years that I have used tomtom's, I have seen this update.
    As to knowing which ones were updated, unless you can find a way to edit the "poi.dat" file, I guess we'll never know.
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      Re: TomTom POI updates

      Checked MapShare preferences in TT Home2. I have Europe and W&CE, both 850-2800, with a few POI categories selected for MapShare updates.
      "As to knowing which ones were updated, unless you can find a way to edit the "poi.dat" file, I guess we'll never know."
      This prompted me to start looking; poi.dat was last modified 15/4/2010, twelve POIs were added between 5th and 11th/8/2010 - name format: CA7310, 11, 14, 15, 17, 52, 73, 76, 83, 95, 9361 and 9380.ov2
      Opening any of these in POI Edit gives "Invalid .ov2 file" error. All other POI .ov2 (camp sites, pubs...) open OK.
      I don't remember "Beauty" as a category and the nearest entry in this category is in Turkey (I'm in Berkshire) so it could be in a "CAxxxx" .ov2, which is why I tried opening them in POIEdit.

      Why Europe and W&CE? I downloaded the Europe when it first appeared (no Meta) so used the pna_and_meta_Europe_850_2800.rar archive to get it working - which is when both Europe and W&CE appeared in "switch maps" on my GO. [COLOR="rgb(0, 0, 0)"]If I delete the W&CE .pna and W&CE-161.meta file TTHome offers me a download of a W&CE map which is about 1.9GB - which is about the size of the original 710 map no ALG, IQ routes, etc,.[/COLOR] Checking the GO whilst typing this - there are now two "Europe" and "W&CW" maps appearing! Help please.
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