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  • TomTom Home Updates

    So Guys, is the rule of thumb that on Tomtom Home, folks are able to do updates and upgrades as long as they are not application related?

    What are peoples thoughts on the gpsquickfix...? Is this worth while or is this a no no as this is considered an application.

    I'm currently using the Go 920 with navcore 9.101

    Thanks in Advance...
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    Re: TomTom Home Updates

    You can update anything you like. If you let it update your navcore you will have to patch it and your map again. So if you are ok with 9.101 don't let it update it. Everything else is ok including MapShare.


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      Re: TomTom Home Updates

      The purpose of GpsQuickFix is to download into your device, the next 7 days of approx satellite positions, so for instance, if you logged in every day, it would download because you have used one day of the previous download.
      I do mine at least once a week.

      This aids with startup times, ie: your device uses the approx position until it locks onto the satellites, and such things as going through a long tunnel were no signal is available.
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        Re: TomTom Home Updates

        Great....thanks guys for that!