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Other maps on TomTom

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  • Other maps on TomTom

    Is there a way to use some other maps on TomTom devices??? Since I live in Serbia, and there aren't any detailed maps for my country, I would like some advice what to do, since I bought TomTom XL1 for a nickle. If there aren't any maps, is there a way to unlockit like wince devices to use some other software? What core does TomTom have???


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    Re: Other maps on TomTom

    Originally posted by yuriyggg
    There is only one way to change the software, sell tomtom and buy another device
    Tomtom works only on the native program
    That is the funniest and yet the most logical response!! And I totally agree, since TomTom runs on Linux instead of Windows.

    If you have a mobile phone with GPS that runs Windows Mobile or similar, you may be able to find detailed maps for Serbia. You can search for tutorials in this and other forums. Here is one that may be helpful:
    TomTom Tutorials & FAQ
    TomTom GO 730, Navcore 9.051c, 64Mb RAM, Australia 910.4892, Bootloader: 5.5250
    TomTom ONE v1, Navcore 9.170SE, 32Mb RAM, Australia 910.4892, Bootloader: 5.5244


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      Re: Other maps on TomTom

      If you're desperate to have a map for a region that Tomtom don't cover you could always make one yourself...the following link provides information on how to make a raster map for any area the only problem is you wont be able to get your TT to calculate routes along the roads you'll be able to see on the screen (works in 2d mode so you get something similar to a live scrolling map of where you are)


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        Re: Other maps on TomTom

        So I found some old semi-crappy map called "Eastern Europe v6.08", which, as it happens, has detailed maps of Serbia. It was meant to be used with TomTom v5 (as i read on some forum). Well, my question is about my ability to use it with TomTom XL N14644 (not XL ONE as I thought). Off course, no one in Serbia is stupid enough to buy this device from me... I don't know which version of software it has... Thnx