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Tomtom voices for iPhone

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  • Tomtom voices for iPhone

    Hi all

    I have installed the Tomtom app onto my iPhone using Cydia. All worked well until I use the app - I get a message that the voice I have chosen is not available, then the app stops.

    My installation procedure:

    iPhone 3Gs iOS 4.0
    Cydia installed by visiting using safari on the iphone
    Added source to Cydia: Added Appsync for iOS 4.0 via Cydia.
    Downloaded Tomtom South Africa via GPSUnderground .
    Dragged folder into iTunes (PC) after decompressing.
    Sync iPhone using PC with Apple iTunes 9.
    Tomtom icon on by iPhone but error message appears if I use it, even if I change the language (in the iPhone Settings) to English instead of British English.

    Is this a voice problem, an installation problem or a software error? I have not downloaded or installed any seperate voice or other tomtom "attachments". Other hacked items installed perfectly using this method. Any ideas?..

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    Re: Tomtom voices for iPhone

    to make iphone tomtom voices working on iphone ou have to do the same way here
    or get this program and create you own iphone tomtom