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Navcore version question

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  • Navcore version question

    I just noticed a possible issue with the navcore version that I have install on my TomTom from this site.

    The version that I currently have lists the following description... TomTom application for GO, XL, ONE, and RIDER version 9.101

    The version that I have stored in the application directory of TomTom Home on my hard drive lists the following description... TomTom application for TomTom XL IQ Routes edition version 9.056

    Am I loosing functionality by using the newer navcore that is not specificaly for my IQ Routes Editon GPS?

    Below is a screenshot of my current configuration...

    Should I leave where it is, or downgrade to the older Navcore and re-patch my map?

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    Re: Navcore version question

    The 9.101 you have now, is not an original Tomtom navcore, since there is no 9.101 for Rider, nor is there for Go. Therefore you will be better off with 9.056 which, though having a "lower" version number, is a) newer than 9.101 and b) better suited to your device. This 9.101 is probably made by drhouse, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is made to be compatible with as many devices as possible and to give "lesser" devices more functionality. Since you already have an IQ routes device, you probably will not gain extra functionality using this 9.101 version.

    The thing you need to bear in mind, is that the 9.056 offered by TTHome is not patched. If you are using a downloaded map, you need to patch the navcore using one of the patching tools discussed in the patchers subforum and you should be fine again.