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TomTom GO 300 Australian Map?

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  • TomTom GO 300 Australian Map?

    I was just given an old TomTom Go 300 when a friend upgraded to a newer GPS

    Just been having some fun with it installing some funny voices etc. But if possible I would like to update the map, as the current map is from 2005, and a lot of the roads in my area have changed drastically since then. I live in Australia.

    I have looked on the tomtom website and it seems the latest map for this is "Australia v8.45"

    I have searched around the net to download this map but it seems every link I find is dead.

    Any ideas where I might find it?

    Thank you very much

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    Re: TomTom GO 300 Australian Map?

    Thank you very much yuriyggg, I have downloaded the second one and will have a go at installing it. The first link doesn't work it said it was removed.

    Not sure what you mean by "number of your soft", I see this info under "show version":

    App 6.520 (7690/061002) OS:1387
    29MB RAM (free: 7.1 MB)
    GPS v1.21, Boot 4.86
    Map: 'Australia-Map' v568.0
    Language: English UK

    I downloaded the tomtom software last night and put the SD card into my pc and it updated some things, not sure exactly what.

    Thanks again for the link
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      Re: TomTom GO 300 Australian Map?

      ok I have installed the map and using Albert's Easy ACtivator it is all working now, I'm very happy!

      Thank you so much!


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        Re: TomTom GO 300 Australian Map?

        Dear missy,

        TomTom GO300 is a strong machine. it can take most of navcores and all maps. it can even take map 850 with IQ route and ALG.