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navcore vs SE navcore

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  • navcore vs SE navcore

    What is the difference between the normal navcore and the SE navcore?


    p.s. Thanks for rebuilding the forum.

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    Re: navcore vs SE (also ME or X) navcore

    Originally posted by rmitev View Post
    What is the difference between the normal navcore and the SE navcore?
    p.s. Thanks for rebuilding the forum.
    Courtesy of bobby1607 (and many unnamed) from other forum:

    TTuser and other users make hacked versions of the different navcores for special needs. The most important reason for using the SE/ME/X navcores is getting new functionality. These navcores can be used on TT's that were not made to use them (e.g. the navcore for a GOx40 on a One). If you like to tweak and mod, you can use them. A TT One V1 will never become a TT GO950, but it can be fun seeing how far you can stretch the One's capabilities.

    SE/ME/X navcores do not require additional patching (they are already very heavily modified).

    SE/ME/X navcores can run in different 'modes': showing the screen of a specific TT model. Which modes are available depends on what TomTom includes in the navcore and the magic of author.
    A safe mode to start with is the native mode ('ori'): a navcore for GOx50 on a GOx20, running in x20 mode (colors, icons, etc.). This is generally more successful than running in other modes (x40/x50).

    The basic process to install a SE/ME/X navcore:
    1. (check for backup)
    2. delete all on internal flash except the map
    3. in the map-directory, remove mapsettings.cfg
    4. extract a SE basicpack onto flash (without basicpack, include step 8)
    5. extract a SE ttsystem onto flash
    6. make a file version.txt with in it the current official navcore version
    for your TT (write in the root of your internal flash),
    e.g. A:8351 B:9982 for a GOx30 (see readmenot.txt).
    version.txt will magically transform into three ttgo.*'s when booting.
    7. make a file model.txt with in it the TT model you want to see (mode),
    e.g. x50, x40, x40light, x30, x20, ori (see readmenot.txt and this site)
    Use 'ori' to get the original look for your device.
    8. if you like, extract the original navcore-CAB file to internal flash,
    but do not overwrite any file, and remove 'system' (use WinRAR)
    Without basicpack, get the splashscreens (*.bmp) from your backup.
    9. reset, boot, and configure
    10. navigate, add voices, and start tweaking
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