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Voice Alerts for TomTom Speed Cameras

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  • Voice Alerts for TomTom Speed Cameras

    Hi I have downloaded and activated the latest TomTom Safty Cameras. Yet for some reason I can not get a spoken alert to work.. I want it to say the speed as well for these alerts but I am only able to get this type of alert to work if I use the Pocket GPS speed camera database. I would prefer to use the TomTom alerts as it has a quick report button but the audio alert config seems to only allow a single type of sound which will not play back differently dependent on the speed limit (which is what I need.)

    Please help... Thanks

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    Re: Voice Alerts for TomTom Speed Cameras

    Unfortunately, it would seem that with the TomTom speedcams, you are limited to setting different sounds or spoken alerts for different camera types and not for individual speed zones. Is there any reason in particular that you need it to state the speed? My reason for asking is that I have found a number of occasions where the TomTom speedcams shows the correct location of the camera but displays the wrong symbol anyway, so in this case it wouldn't really provide any benefit. I would be hesitant to rely on the TomTom depicted speed zone as being gospel for what the actual speed limit is anyway.