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How to extract map files?

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  • How to extract map files?

    A common problem with maps is the way it extracts the files...
    It sometimes creates the map folder INSIDE another folder named after the Rar File.
    This is commonly known as NESTING.

    In this example, the RAR file Australia_815.rar contains an Australia map.
    See how it extracts to a folder named Australia_815 (after the RAR file)
    Inside is the real map folder, named Australia.

    Copying across like this, it will still be possible to crack the map (create DCT file)
    However, the device will not be able to see it & you will get No Maps error message.

    Map folders should always be placed on root (in the example here - this is drive F: )

    All credits for this piece goes to yDraigGoch
    rgds jarkita
    TT Onev1, 9.430 by bmwdriver, 900.4602-> UK&RoI, Europe; 895.4438 -> PL.
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    Re: How to extract map files?

    How many files should be in a map folder? and what files should they be?
    I have a USA_and_Canada Map version 850.2825


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      Re: How to extract map files?

      This is a common problem and easy to fix. Thanks


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        Re: How to extract map files?

        thanks. now i need to how the not enough memory problem