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How to set POI type speedcameras up?

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  • How to set POI type speedcameras up?

    Download (and extract if they're compressed in an archive rar/zip)
    Copy .bmp and .ov2 to map folder for each camera type you require

    To use these type of cameras you need to:
    a) Select each individual camera type in change preferences/show poi and tick the box
    b) Set a warning for each individual camera type in change preferences/manage poi/warn when near poi and follow up by selecting the poi then pick a distance, choose a sound file and opt for on or off route.

    Once you've added them to your map folder you need to set the cams to show on the map if you want to be able to see as well as hear alerts:
    1) Enter main menu and select change preferences
    2) From change preferences select Manage POI
    3) From Manage POI select Warn when near POI
    4) Select which POI you want a warning for
    5) Select the distance from the camera you want warning from
    6) Choose the sound you want for that type of camera
    7) Warn if only POI is on route - leave this unticked to be warned all the time and it will alert you within the distance you selected above of any camera (even if its not on the road you're using eg: the bridge above you with a mobile speed trap!)

    The above set up of POI warnings applies to all types of POI's not just cameras.

    All credits to terrytpot for this
    rgds jarkita
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    Re: How to set POI type speedcameras up?

    The cams don't show up in the POI section in my TT. So i can't set the warning voices.
    The speedcam signes do show up near the cams but i don't get a voice.


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      Re: How to set POI type speedcameras up?

      To get a voice, create directory on root called "sounds" and put all the voice files there (.ogg)