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  • SD Cards

    Can anyone confirm please ? I read somewhere on the net that the tomtom one xl will only work with the 2GB SD memory card ?

    Is it not possible to use a 4GB SD card?

    Is it also true that the SDHC type card will not work in a tomtom one xl ?


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    Re: SD Cards

    If your bootloader is other than 1.xxxx you may be able to change it to version at least 5.5012 and use bigger capacity cards ...
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      Re: SD Cards

      Do not know if yours is the same as a Tom Tom Rider, but the rider was supposed to only support 2gb, but I got a 4 gb SD (not SDHC) card to work. Cant check now as i am at work, and I sold the Rider in favour of a Garmin Zumo 660...but
      I think the brand was Topram. If you are in england, then they can be difficult to get, as most of them seen for sale on e-bay are US sellers, and they all refuse to send to the UK.

      Yes, just found my post in the other forum

      so look for topram or transcend... i tried a transcend but it did NOT work.... the topram 4gb did
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        Re: SD Cards

        Thanks for your help and info guy's.


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