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[Australia][845.2661][with IQ Routes]

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  • [Australia][845.2661][with IQ Routes]

    [Australia] [Map 845.2661 with IQ Routes]

    Hi All,

    I was looking for Aussie 845.2661 with IQ routes in the forum; however, I couldn't find it. As I'm using the same map, I felt that it would be better to share this with all the mates...


    [TomTOm 930 with Australia Map: 845.2661, Navcore: 9.101]

    Download Link:

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    Re: [Australia][845.2661][with IQ Routes]

    Thank You sazzadhasan.

    I just purchased a TomTom with IQ Routes in the USA and have returned to Australia and wondered whether IQ routes were available here. I have downloaded and will attempt to load the Aussie maps tomorrow. Do you know if there are speed camera files available for this version of the maps also?




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      Re: [Australia][845.2661][with IQ Routes]


      If you look in the POI sub-folder you will find the speedcam files. You have two options; 1) There is a post called TomTom Speedcams started by Jakita that is normally near the top that holds all the country speedcam files, or 2) There is another post called Speed Camera AU started by 02xdaaus that holds just the Australian files. Both posts are regularly updated (many thanks to all those that contribute), so I check at least weekly.



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        Re: [Australia][845.2661][with IQ Routes]

        And to full happines we have also pocketgpsworld speed cams (used as POI) with AU cams inside
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          Re: [Australia][845.2661][with IQ Routes]

          Just to confirm with everyone, this works on a TomTom XL 330 (series 3) with Navicore 9.053 (i think its that navicore). I assumed because 330 XL didnt have IQ routing that this map wouldn't work with it, but it does. Happy hunting =]

          EDIT: Also works with TomTom One 125 (series 3) with Navicore SE 9.101 (default settings).
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