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In title can not update on tomtom home

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  • In title can not update on tomtom home


    1 demarage of gps with tomtom man
    Orca I plug my GPS tomtom on tomtom home there is a problem I find myself stuck
    By the new update that we call tomtom aplication for go 720 730 go and well also all the other GPS short it is the very last aplication that I can not update so it blocks me.I can not therefore have access to the suite that allows me to use my GPS correctly (quick fixed GPS) and also MAP SHARE.
    Here is my question and there is a way to have a software that could allow me to use my GPS at the end of continues to serve me and give me the manipulation to do thank you
    Thank you
    And thank you for your help

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    It's no good posting the same question across these forums; the same guys see & watch them all & you've already had suggestions & proposals on the other 2 main forums. What are you wanting or expecting that hasn't already been replied to? I appreciate language can be a problem but maybe you need to try a better translator if we are misunderstanding what you want?