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Feeling confused about changing content in versions

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  • Feeling confused about changing content in versions

    Hello, I am new to this forum and I have a question regarding the information contained in succeeding versions of maps.

    I currently use Central_Europe_975_7685, which takes up some 1.6GB of disk space. I would be interested in the newer Europe_Zone_Central_985_8158 but I am surprised to notice that its size is hardly 1.0GB.

    A file-by-file comparison learns me that a number of the data files are smaller (cline.dat, cname.dat, cnode.dat, …) but also that some file of the older version are missing in the newer one (e.g. borders.dat, citymap.dat, housnrs.dat).

    What am I missing here… did the coverage change and are less countries included? How could I find this out?

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    Re: Feeling confused about changing content in versions

    TomTom introduced zoned map dues to space limitations on older devices

    Originally posted by TomTom
    Changing a Map Zone (TomTom HOME)

    The size of our maps increases all the time as we add detail, such as new roads. We add more detail to make the maps more accurate and more useful.

    You may find that when you buy a new map or update an existing map, the map you have chosen does not fit on your navigation device. To solve this, TomTom HOME can offer you smaller sections of some maps, called map zones. A map zone contains the same level of detail as a complete map.

    When you buy or update a map, you may be able to choose a map zone using TomTom HOME. This happens if you cannot fit a complete map on your navigation device.

    For an overview of available map zones, see Available Map Zones (TomTom HOME).