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  • Carminat Tomtom - FAQ -

    Carminat Tomtom - FAQ

    Renault Carminat TomTom

    Specifications:Original Maps and Navcore in Original SD:
    10/12/2009: Navcore v8.841.453398 Map v840.2568
    12/11/2009: Navcore v8.840.380186 Map v840.2568
    23/06/2009: Navcore v7.842.316501 Map v725.1882
    ??/??/2009: Navcore v7.841.?????? Map v725.1882

    Where can I find Carminat TomTom instructions?

    What is the last version TomTom HOME (TTH) available?

    Tomtom HOME version:

    Where can I find it?
    There is a version at original SD.
    If you rather like a more updated version you cand download it from:
    Windows version - MacOS version - Linux version - Not available. WIME does NOT detect properly SD card. Works fine with VirtualBox or similar emulating windows.

    Where is the navcore located?
    Is it at external SD card or at flash drive of carminat?

    The navcore itself is located at the flash drive.
    The SD has only the maps and extra files (radars, sounds, icons,...)

    Where can I download Original Navcore?
    Navcore: 7.842.316501 Navcore: 8.840.380186 Navcore: 8.841.45339 What Navcore and Map version do I have?
    What Device ID do I have?

    At Carminat:
    Hold down INFO/Route key for 3 seconds. It will show "Route Details Screen"
    Click right at joystick. It will show "Device Details Screen"
    At TomTomHome:
    Insert SD card to PC.
    Open TomTomHome, click menu "Help->System Info"
    It will show the Device Info

    What maps version will work on Carminat Tomtom?

    Actual Maps version is 850. Follow navcore 8.84x column to find compatible maps.
    Compatibility chart:

    What extra services work at carminat navcore (v8.84x)?
    Example: Carminat Maps compatibility 850 versionHow to update navcore to a more updated version?

    What is the "Most Updated Map Available guaranty?How to execute the "Latest Map guarranty"?
    1.- Start TomtomHome (TTH). Wait until device is detected. Right down corner will show "Carminat TomTom"
    2.- Go to Menu Tools and click "Latest map guarantee".
    Click "Get it now".
    Click "Get it now".
    It will show now the map available to download. Click "More info" to check version and size.

    How do I do a back up of original SD?
    Where can I find ttgo.bif file?
    There is a file at "loopdir\ext3_loopback" (older version) or "loopdir\loopback.ex3" (new version).
    That files are a Loopback Device file system image with contais this files
    |-- [ 26] CurrentMap.dat
    |-- [4.0K] Iberia
    | |-- [ 632] DeletedPoi.local
    | |-- [3.5K] MapSettings.cfg
    | |-- [ 48] MapUserPatch.dat
    | `-- [ 77]
    |-- [4.0K] LoquendoTTS
    | |-- [4.0K] bin
    | `-- [4.0K] lib
    |-- [ 68] UserPatch.dat
    |-- [4.0K] art
    | `-- [4.0K] cars
    | `-- [ 97K] thumbs.dat
    |-- [4.0K] itn
    | `-- [ 0] temporary.iti
    |-- [ 16K] lost+found
    |-- [4.0K] photos
    | `-- [ 41K] thumbs.dat
    |-- [4.0K] statdata
    | `-- [ 1] disallowtrip.dat
    | `-- [1.6K] ttgo.bif
    Note that mine has Iberia Map folder. Your should have a folder with you map name folder instead

    Can I read/write files from/to inside ext3_loopback/loopback.ex3?
    Windows: Read Only.
    Donwload Explore2FS from Install it.
    Open it
    Go to "File->Open Image file..." and choose "SD->loopdir->ext3_loopback" or "SD->loopdir->loopback.ex3"
    Click over harddrive image that shows on left frame.
    Files will be shown on right frame.
    Right-click over "ttgo.bif" and choose "Export File" and save it to your Hard Drive.

    Windows: Read/Write.
    Stuff needed:
    ext2/ext3 support for windows: Ext2IFS: App to mount ext2/ext3 image: Filedisk: 1.- Install Ext2IFS, as follows:

    2.- Reboot
    3.- Install Filedisk, to do so:
    Unzip on hardisk (c:\filedisk-17)
    Copy file C:\filedisk-17\sys\obj\fre\i386\filedisk.sys toc:\windows\system32\drivers
    Add reg file c:\filedisk-17\filedisk.reg to windows registry
    4.- Reboot
    5.- Copy loopdir folder to hard disk root (c:\loopdir)
    6.- Launch cmd.exe
    7.- Change directory to filedisk (cd\filedisk-17)
    8.- Mount loopback file: filedisk /mount 0 c:\loopdir\ext3_loopback g:
    This will mount it at drive G: the filesystem ext3_loopback

    9.- You can check it out at My PC, at Drive G: properties

    10.- To umount the filesystem filedisk /umount g:

    All this gives us access in windows to manipulate ttgo.bif, copy favorites and config to new maps, etc...

    Linux: Read/write
    1.- Copy loopdir folder to hard disk (example to /loopdir)
    2.- Create a folder in order to mount there the loopback device file system (example to /vfs)
    mkdir /vfs
    3.- Mount file system at /vfs.
    mount -w /loopdir/ext3_loopback /vfs -t ext3 -o loop
    Copy ttgo.bif where ever you want (example to root folder).
    cp ttgo.bif /
    4.- umount the unit
    umount /vfs

    How to build a SD from scratch?
    0.- Get you DEVICE ID (Hold down INFO + Joystick right click)

    1.- Get a blank SD card
    2.- Download Navcore: 8.841.45339 Can i turn off carminat display?
    Yes, hold down LIGHT/DARK and display will stand-by.
    Push LIGHT/DARK again to wake up.
    Instruction will still sound while display is in stand-by.

    What happend when I turn off radio?

    Carminat turns off too. Display will show Time and Temperature

    Can I turn off voices?
    Yes, hold down REPEAT/MUTE. Poi alerts still will sound(speed cams, etc...)
    Push REPEAT/MUTE to enable voices.

    Is it where a stupid way to loose my SD card?
    YES, there is a huge gap in front of carminat display where SD card tend to go naturally

    Can I copy favorites and config from older map to new one?

    YES. Presuming you have properly activated new map, and enabled it at carminat.
    Take SD card to PC.
    Mount read/write loopdir/ext3_loopback file (shown before in this FAQ)
    Copy "MapSettings.cfg" file from older map folder to new map folder (inside loopdir mounted drive)

    MapShare is not working. How do I fix it?
    Donwload .ov2 (poi file), .bmp (icon file for poi) .ogg/.mp3 (sound file for poi)
    All the files should have exact same name (example "Gas_Station.ov2", "Gas_Station.bmp" and "Gas_Station.mp3")
    Copy them inside map folder
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    Re: Carminat Tomtom - FAQ -

    I've tryed to do all of this at my Carminat...
    Yes, it works, but... it was impossible to do Luquendo computorized voices working...
    I've tryed lots of times... and didn't work, even installing that voices using TomtomHOME.
    The maps are OK, recorded voices are OK, but luquendo computorized voices aren't.
    Any ideias?

    Tedioboy (Portugal)
    PS: Sorry my english :P


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      Re: Carminat Tomtom - FAQ -

      you have to delete the voices from tomtomhome repository also, and download them again with tomtomhome....I works that way. If it happens that the loquendo voice is already in the tomtomhome repository on the PC they will not work untill you delete them and download them again


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        Re: Carminat Tomtom - FAQ -

        Great job! Thank you very much for all the info.

        Just can't write the loopback.ex3 file in order to add Mapsetings.cfg with my personal favourites.

        Have executed the procedure and I can mount the G: disk in windows successfully. However always have the message that the drive is write protected and does not allow me to replace the Mapsetings.cfg...

        Any help?

        Thanks in advance


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          Re: Carminat Tomtom - FAQ -

          Is there any way to make SE navcore fot Carminat? Original navcore does not have altitude and the rear camera is to dark to see.


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            Re: Carminat Tomtom - FAQ -

            not at this time, no one has developed it, and it would be tricky because the whole system is conected with the radio, and car dashboard itself...


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              Re: Carminat Tomtom - FAQ -

              my MapShare is not working and i dont have a original SD map, so i can't copy the original loopdir folder.

              can you help me?


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                Re: Carminat Tomtom - FAQ -

                use a empty sd, insert it into carminat, it will tell you that th SD is ready to use at will have created a new loopdir folder in that SD, replace loopdir at you working SD, go back to the car, plug the SD try then the mapshare


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                  Re: Carminat Tomtom - FAQ -

                  Originally posted by apak View Post
                  use a empty sd, insert it into carminat, it will tell you that th SD is ready to use at will have created a new loopdir folder in that SD, replace loopdir at you working SD, go back to the car, plug the SD try then the mapshare
                  I tried this but it doesn't work...

                  TomTom Home:
                  TomTom Map Share is not supported either for your device or for the map you are using.


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                    Re: Carminat Tomtom - FAQ -


                    Just got my Renault Scenic III today with Carminat TomTom. The navcore version is 8.842.542199! Can I find this version somewhere to use on a fresh SD or should I go with 8.841.45339?

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                      Re: Carminat Tomtom - FAQ -

                      Hi all,

                      You will find below the link to get the latest carminat Tomtom navcore.


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                        Re: Carminat Tomtom - FAQ -

                        Hi there,

                        Thanks for the guide, however, this doesn't work for me, maybe I overlooked something?

                        I downloaded the navcore 8.841 and created the SD-card from scratch for my Carminat TomTom of my Laguna III phase 2.
                        After patching the map (Europe.860.3123) with EasyUseTools, my Carminat system says "This map is not activated yet"
                        I'm sure I used the correct Device-ID and meta-data, PNDNavigator is updated too.

                        What am I doing wrong?


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                          Re: Carminat Tomtom - FAQ -


                          perhaps you forget to rename the map name in the .pna file. ex: in Europe.pna , on the first line rename Europe.pna to Europe.860.3123.pna

                          Have Someone patched with success the 8.842 navcore ? I tried lot of things and the map is alwalys rejected.

                          What about file .mct in place of .dct in the original SD card ? Does exist a patch who creates .mct files ?

                          I just recieve a Laguna III phase II, with latest navcore and 8.55 map of italy. The map folder contain .mct files and not .dct, why ?

                          Does I have to downgrade to 8.841 to have a successfully patched navcore ?

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                            Re: Carminat Tomtom - FAQ -

                            sure...your device has 9.842 navcore and there is no .cab avalilable so you have to make a 8.842 navcore SD...


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                              Re: Carminat Tomtom - FAQ -

                              of course. I didn't mention that because I thank that it was a mistake.

                              In /loopdir/ext3_loopback I have these informations:

                              DeviceName=TomTom Carminat LIVE
                              DeviceUniqueID=----- -----

                              Question: What is this version of navcore ??? 9.842 ? i never found any information about that !...

                              Is-it a mistake ? or Tomtom have a special new navcore not known today by us ?

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