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Simplified instructions for activation of maps.

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  • Simplified instructions for activation of maps.


    1-Download and Extract ACTIVATOR:

    2-Open the generated folder, see the following:

    -Easyusetools_for_Keygen_Mapcheck_Metacheck_ttsyste mpatcher
    -Chek for Update
    -IrCase_of_Emer ...

    (Unallocated space immediately forget)

    3-open the folder Easyusetools_for_Keygen_Mapcheck_Metacheck_ttsyste mpatcher see:

    -Device ID
    -Run Mefor AllAu ...
    -Run Mefor DCT
    -Run MeforMetaKey

    (Forget about unallocated)

    __________________________________________________ ________________

    In the folder Progs of the eight files, we only need a text document = meta = It check for the string meta.tht for activated maps

    Example: Map- WCE-830.2305 should be a string:
    ; Western_and_Central_Europe_830_2305
    34 B0 AC 63 F9 1D F3 FF A0 99 AB 6D 4D A4 6D B6 Western_and_Central_Europe-35.meta
    Without this line - can not map to activate
    __________________________________________________ ________________

    In a text document Device ID can enter your device ID. (Optional) In this case, do not to enter it each time you activate another map
    __________________________________________________ ________________

    4 The activation maps:
    1 / folder copy the file insert_meta_from_Map_here = meta = from a folder with a map
    2 / Double click to run the file Run Mefor DCT and then opens
    -Enter 1 (or 2) depending on the software version specified in the window - Enter
    -Opens a second window
    -Called third window
    -Introduce the ID of your browser (if it has not previously been recorded in tht.dokument Device ID)-Enter
    -In the new window should appear = OK = and so much more unnecessary.
    3 / In the folder appears insert_meta_from_Map_here activator generated file = meta dct =
    Copy the file meta dct to the folder with the map

    That's all. Your map is activated

    Activator (meta_860)
    Another method...

    1. Download and Extract AutoActivate
    2. Copy AutoActivate.exe root directory and run, be sure there is TTGO.BIF or TTNAVIGATOR.BIF also

    Done... Your all maps, Voices, Speedcams and Fuel Prices is activated

    Remember...All these activation need patched navcore, not matter what keygen you use
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