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What Happened with GPS Underground

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  • What Happened with GPS Underground

    First of all thanks to all respected members for their cooperation and patience and secondly we're very sorry for the all the inconvenience that you faced in these days. I guess most of our users know that our forum was hacked by someone. Hackers destroyed all our database and old forum. We lost our data, vBulletin license and our members. Now all members are requested to register their profile again to support us.

    At this time we hired a team which is responsible for Server security and managing our forum. We need our members support to stand back. I assure you that now GPS Underground is secured and you can trust on us. All data of Paid Members will be back in next week. From next week all data of Paid members Garmin, TomTom, iGO, Navigon and other GPS systems will back. So, Paid members will get access to their contents. Our normal members will find all new posts back soon.

    All old members who have paid for membership can get their membership back by filling following form and submitting it to Administration. We'll respond you in next 48 hours. (Please only submit request if you have PayPal transaction ID).

    If you have any question then please feel free to contact with us on:

    GPSU Administration