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Chnaged how Sticky Posts are displayed

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  • [Suggestion] Chnaged how Sticky Posts are displayed

    Hi Guru's

    Could we consider changing the way sticky notes are set. At the moment they stay stuck to every page in a folder. SO if you look in the TomTom maps folder the first 50 posts on all three pages are the same sticky notes. You then have three pages that list the 41 normal posts.

    My suggestion would be that the sticky notes only show up on the first page, thus if you are trying to browse a folder, you aren't having to cover the same data repeatedly.

    Otherwise the site is looking fantastic. So glad it returned.

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    Re: Chnaged how Sticky Posts are displayed

    Thanks for the suggestion. More positive changes are already underway including organising the threads/posts etc and removing excess stickies


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      Re: Chnaged how Sticky Posts are displayed

      Have already reorganized TT Maps stickies. Now we have so called Index thread sticky with links to all maps within forum.
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