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  • [Suggestion] New Layout styles

    I have now used the style "gpsunderground" and most of it is to my liking
    However I do not understand the grey NEW seals turning blue when a new message is posted in the thread. When a seal is grey, it denotes a thread that has been marked as read and NEW is not correct!

    Would it not be logical to have an OLD seal changing to red with NEW in it?
    The name of the icon is correctly denoted as OLD but the picture is not correct (forum_old-48.png)

    I find it quite annoying that when selecting another style like GPSU, the only choice is "Big Font"
    I have some trouble reading low contrast designs and GPSU style is my favourite. However I would appreciate if I could also have a small or regular font as standard, rather then moving to the Switch Editor Mode" button each time

    Also, the icons preceding the threads are not visible with this style

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    Re: New Layout styles

    Nice to hear that there will be changes on the site.