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  • [Feedback] Request Zone

    The idea of a request zone was quite good, the fact beeing that the paid members area is not beeing updated and has not been so for quite a while.
    But there is really no point to it, if there are now replies to the requests. I posted my request early on April 17th. and as far as my abillity to read a watch goes, I think that the 72 hours are up.
    Up until now there are 75 posts, but only 3 have bean answered, and only two with a link - unfortunately mine is not among the answered.
    I realize that this is not a commercial site, but some of us are paying members, and we do expect a little more for paying than those that donĀ“t.
    If this is going to be the trend in the future, please let us know so we can stop our payments.

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    Re: Request Zone

    324 hours since admin post asking to wait 48-72 hrs, and nothing : not really a surprise

    Maybe shall have to pay a little more so that he can buy to himself a watch and a calculator?