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Problems with GPS Data and Toposheet Data Mismatch

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  • [Feedback] Problems with GPS Data and Toposheet Data Mismatch

    Dear all,
    I am a student in the Dept. of Natural Resource Management from Assam, India. I have access to Garmin GPS 60, Garmin GPS 72, Garmin ETREX Vista H and Garmin GPS Colorado, which I have been using since last week to map the Road Networks and the Boundaries of two National Parks. I have Georeferenced the thopsheets of the area and used the follwoing projection systems: GCS: WGS84, PCS: WGS84 UTM Zone 46N. However, when I download the GPS Data, I see a consistent mismatch between the TRACKS and the WAYPOINTS (approx 250 meters), the mismatch being consistent (towards the west) throughout. Can anybody suggest what exactly I am doing wrong?
    Mike From India