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  • Favorite Uploading Places!

    Hi everyone,

    In this topic everybody should reply all downloading places they like, us to upload (sharing) all the content:

    I use:

    Have a nice day.

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    Re: Pacman on arrest: “It’s ridiculous .. .It do not make no sense”

    Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFire

    Is what I use. It's simple and fast for me.


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      Re: Favorite Uploading Places!

      dnt knw but ur information is useful for me i will use them to upload


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        Re: Favorite Uploading Places!

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          Re: Favorite Uploading Places!



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            Re: Favorite Uploading Places!

            such a shame that megaupload was taken Down !


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              Re: Favorite Uploading Places!

              But rapidshare is my fav!


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                Re: Favorite Uploading Places!

                I remember rapidshare and megaupload was bestest!

                Then megaupload was taken down and rapishare was overloaded.

                In my view upload is the best right. But it change very fast!

                What you guys think about MEGA??


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                  Re: Favorite Uploading Places!

                  nice thread thanks