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  • Omnitech Voice Command

    For those that have added a microphone to the Omnitech GPS
    (many Thanks to FreddySam for his work on adding microphone)

    Vito Voice2go 1.2 for ARM (Currently working on Omnitech 16878 CE 5.0)

    This software requires (microphone and working start/system tray to activate "magic word"

    *There is still something missing as I cannot exit settings menu (have to kill it, or reset). But settings are saved and can launch and run commands that were created.
    *Under settings\ only contains standard windows commands and I'm working on registry settings for installed apps to directly launch apps. Currently, you can use macros to launch icons on the desktop

    Just unrar the folder and add to SD (includes all the needed dll's)

    Download Program Files:

    password: joking

    Program Notes:

    *Make all your recordings in a quiet room. It will make recognition better. I've had no problems (I don't know if it depends upon the quality of the mic you installed?) while driving with the radio on at low to average levels.

    *If you don't record responses for correct and wrong (under commands/magic word) It will launch the command without confirmation.

    *The wav files for the system are located in the skin (default green). This can be adjusted as I've used the ones from version 1.52. Change the extension on the skin file (example: to default_green.rar), extract, change the wav files (or record your own make sure quality and duration are the same), add them to default_green.rar (set compression to "Store" compression), rename extension to .skin

    To add Start and System Tray (omnitech 16878 CE 5.0 only)
    nk.bin with start and system tray:

    password: joking

    Start with a format of the SD (always good practice)
    Put the files and folders in the root of the SD (just doing this will get you to boot to CE shell)
    (Since most skins use the mortscript destinator.exe file in sdmmc\destinatorapps\destinator\ I've placed a lnk in the startup it will fire up your skin...if you want to run miopocket-change this link to sdmmc\mioautorun.exe)
    Put your skin on the SD....OK to put files in the folders on SD...but don't overwrite the explorer.exe files in the utils and utils\windows folder!)

    Things you should know:
    I've disabled the system sounds (no clicking noise)
    I've set the default timezone to "Central Standard Time"
    The Start/tray are set to autohide (won't show unless you tap at the bottom of the screen-this way you can get it anytime, but won't cover the bottom of the screen all the time)

    *Although this works on my 16878 CE 5 omnitech...use at your own risk!*

    Please let me know if you have any problems as with all my in progress!
    Waste of Time
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    Re: Omnitech Voice Command

    Hi joking,
    nice to see you again here
    Could you please re-initiate you treads for D9 and D8 modifications ?
    I am updatedunitl you have tried D8 and menus for it, incl. Speedcams.
    BTW, I had very good experience withyour skins for D9. But suddenly the whole program denied
    to start, after I installed on the device Spb Mobile Shell 3.53. Did you mentioned such incompatibility ?