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TmTom om MIO C520

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  • TmTom om MIO C520

    Hi guys!

    I'm running IGO and MIOmaps on my unlocked C520 with a DIMKA skin and everything works just fine.

    Now, I want to put TomTom on it too... Thing is, I asked for help on this matter in this forum earlier and I did get some instructions on how to it. Problem is never got to do it right then and as I understand it the posts from earlier this year are gone.

    So, my question is: Is there a kind soul out there who'd like to help mewith some easy to use instructions on how to this operation on my MIO 520?

    I have the TomTom version 7.4 downloaded and unrared and maps Scandinavia 8520.2820 to go with that.

    As I understnad it I also need to use a keygen... I got one, easyusetools I think it's called, but I can't seem to get that programme runnig at all on my laptop with Windows 7 installed... I guess I's doing some stupis mistake here.

    Thankful for anyhelp i get!
    Stockholm, Sweden
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    Re: TmTom om MIO C520

    On my way!

    I've gotten as far as to have the TomTom programme installed and running, version 7.4

    Now, as I said in my forst post, I have the 8520.2820 Scandinavia maps on it... Problem now is that the device won't find any mapps on the SD-card. I've used Alberts Easytool to unlock the maps...but it won't find the maps.

    Anyone who can help me out?

    Thanx in advance!

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      Re: TmTom om MIO C520

      Problem solved!


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        Re: TmTom om MIO C520

        Why so old navcore version of TomTom?
        I'm currently in process of learning about Mio/Igo combo.
        Did you try the new Igo Primo?


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          Re: TmTom om MIO C520

          It's very nice, you solved your problem. But there are some rookie, who did not find the answer. Please broadcast your method right here.


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            Re: TmTom om MIO C520

            Yes i'm a rookie :-)
            can you please do post the information.
            Thank you