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Truck software on Mio Moov M400?

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  • Truck software on Mio Moov M400?


    I do hope I won't get my wrists slapped for starting a new thread, but I have been searching the forum for about an hour now and I don't seem to be on the right path just yet.
    I need truck navigation for those big trucks you see on the first lane, on a Mio Moov M400. This device has been tempered with using this . So it basically has TOM-TOM,MIO and IGO8 on it. On MIO there are no such things as truck specific settings, I have no idea if they are on TomTom but as far as I have searched there are none, and IGO is lacking that setting as well.
    I can access the Windows environment from the boot screen, and I'm guessing there should be some software that's designed to work for trucks.
    So any suggestion in that direction would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

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    Re: Truck software on Mio Moov M400?

    Primo + Navteq Q1 with FTR support.