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China gps branded Xdrive ip5

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  • China gps branded Xdrive ip5

    Hi to all of you. Need some help here. !!!
    I have Xdrive ip5 on the back cover is sticker SLDZ-GPS 0908430008733
    Os core is ce 6.0 I try to flash it with some firmwares from different Brands and have`t got any results eg won`t turn on or stuck in start up screen.
    I`m searching for 091012.1827 QC21.SD ( that was app version in the device before I start to work with ) or any newer
    Atlas IV
    Processor sirf ARM1136JF-S
    Platform: 00.5.02
    Ram 64MB
    App.Version 091012.1827QC21.SD
    Os version N091028E09102800910221401
    I open navigation and I saw what is written in pcb ( PF68 VER 2.8 20090722 ) so I definitely need Some firmware for 2.8 pcb
    Thanks in advance
    W.B.R. mightym

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    Re: China gps branded Xdrive ip5

    Any1 !!!
    In old forum was some topic about this navigation but ....
    I`m stuck whit this. I found every possible firmware for this kind of device. I even find firmware for 2.8 pcb but only for 800x480 not for 480x272.
    Any moderator that could know anything about that post ????
    thanks mightym


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      Re: China gps branded Xdrive ip5

      Hi mightym

      I have SLDZ-GPS device,with App.Version 091128.1827QC21.SD
      Os version N091028E09102800910221401 how can i help you do u need specific file from device?


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        Re: China gps branded Xdrive ip5

        There's a txt file shell.ini on the root of the sdcard where you put the link to the .exe file. So you'll have 2 ways of installing

        1. Edit the shell.ini to \sdmmc\"the name of the .exe file for exc. \sdmmc\iGO.exe or
        2. Create nav folder to the root of the sd card and rename the .exe file to nav.exe

        the best software for winCE OS, by me, is iGo Primo.