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  • Simple how to section?

    Hi Like a lot here I am new to the whole Sat Nav experiance. Good or bad I have the Predator Double Din unit from Chinavasion.
    I would like to install either Garmin or Tom Tom to the unit. I have spent a bit of time searching but I dont really understand what I have to do to get it all together.
    Is there a section with a dumbed down guide? eg what needs to be downloaded how to install etc.
    Also can I purchase a software package from Garmin or Tom Tom that will work without modification?

    Im sure I will come up with many more questions, but thanks for now


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    Re: Simple how to section?

    I am in the same boat mate! Do i need to download 5 x 400mb (ish) files, and extract them all onto the SD card of my china double din sat nav? The file hosting sites do not make it an easy process and I was hoping to find some details on whether I am going about it the right way!


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      Re: Simple how to section?

      Same boat here Too ....


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        Re: Simple how to section?

        I don't think TOMTOM software can be used without modification. I have TOMTOM 1 and the advert for the chinese Sat Nav, which I wanted for my caravan towing, said it could use TomTom Maps, but I tried to use the SD card from TOMTOM but it didn't work. So my guess is software compatible with windows CE 5.0 ( the OS of the chinese unit) is needed to fire up the system then it will use the maps. Just my guess, after trolloing through Tinternet. However I have emailed the seller and asked the Q. If I get a usefull reply I will post it here.


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          Re: Simple how to section?

          I gather that the answer to this thread was simply no?


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            Re: Simple how to section?

            I also have a chinese generic from ebay and have been running it with the pre installed 2010 maps from the unit and need idiot proof instructions on how to download and use up to date igo maps from micro sd card?


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              Re: Simple how to section?

              Since there isent much info here i tought id fill in some blanks that i know
              Im also in the chinese 2din boat mine has win ce 6.0 on it
              Tomtom navigator 7 although praised by my seller for win ce IT DONT WORK this package is only compatible with a select range of phones
              Here is the list
              It appears tomtom just dont bother to make soft for the win ce radio's

              Everything i read here and over the net is that the igo soft runs on it , getting the files now to test it on mine in belgium
              Not sure if the maps can be used from tomtom on the igo tho


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                Simple how to section

                Ok you got it. Your own how to section.

                I will leave it up to the moderators to move any posts they find that are appropiate to go in this section.