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Android GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic 17.2.24 final [Unlocked]

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  • Android GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic 17.2.24 final [Unlocked]

    Android GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic 17.2.24 final [Unlocked]

    Sygic 17.2.24 final

    - Uninstall the previous version
    - Copy folder com.sygic.aura to Android/data on internal or external sdCard

    - Download maps and file only with Sygic PC maps DOWNLOADER - Click here
    - Create folders and add your files: voices, click here to Android\data\com.sygic.aura\files\Res\voices, route to Android\data\com.sygic.aura\files\Res\itinerary, etc
    - Install apk
    - Run the app with open WiFi to download the latest database offlinespeedcams.dat

    Works with all maps (HERE, TomTom, OSM) and all versions (v9.0 & v9.0.1)

    Thanks BD


    Map update:
    • Up-to date maps with the most recent roads and places

    1. Uninstall the previous version and delete the folder Sygic if exist.
    1a. For Android < 4.4+ Unzip and copy Sygic folder (basefolder archive) to the root folder (internal storage or SD card)
    1b. For Android > 4.4+ Unzip and copy "Android","Maps","Res" from Sygic folder (basefolder archive) to Android/data/com.sygic.aura/files/put here Android,Maps,Res (internal storage or SD card (create, if not exists)
    2. Use MapDownloader to download your region country.
    3a. For Android < 4.4+ Copy your downloaded maps to folder SDCard/Sygic/Maps/~put maps here~
    3b. For Android > 4.4+ Copy your downloaded maps to folder Android/data/com.sygic.aura/files/Maps/~put maps here~
    4. Install Patched apk.
    5. Start app, skip email and Enjoy!

    This app has no advertisements

    Download Instructions: credits TMPe
    Patched APK - (resources in APK)
    - s***c store is NOT BLOCKED, but it downloads valid license file - useful for TA,OS maps only
    - tripadvisor, foursquare, booking, viator is WORKING


    Patched APK + blocked data/reactivation - (resources in APK)
    - s***c store is BLOCKED, use original APK (or SDLER's downloader) to download MAPS,VOICES,TTS, then install this APK - no more return to trial state - useful for NT or TA or OS maps


    Base Folder (13.11.2017) + ALL VOICES + NT,TA,OS licenses + SPEEDCAMS:


    Original APK
    - use to download MAPS,VOICES,TTS


    MAPS Downloader
    mapdownloader17_3_4_(database_2017.11.03) thanks to SDLER
    - New: TA 2017.06 V9 maps
    - Updated: NT 2017.06 USA - Virgin Islands
    - New TA 2017.06 maps are splitted: AUS, IND, FRA, GER, ITA, RUS, ESP, GBR, CAN, MEX, BRA (Sygic 17.3.2 and higher can read splitted maps...)
    -NT 2017.06 maps: missing 4 FULLTEXTSEARCH files (currently not available on s*g*c servers...): rus.fts, tur.fts, ukr.fts, vat.fts
    -NT 2017.06 maps: missing map of USA - Virgin Islands NT 2017.06 (currently not available on s*g*c servers...) - available NT 2017.03 version