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iGO PAL Nextgen Navigation v9.18.27.719974

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  • iGO PAL Nextgen Navigation v9.18.27.719974

    iGO PAL Nextgen Navigation v9.18.27.719974 - 2017
    Updated: 2017th November 15
    Required: Android 4.0.3 or later

    confirmation link :
    - Normal sounds + TTS sound for the Nuance Vocalizer engine
    - You can still add collections to the content / userdata / poi folder
    - The latest revised extended version includes all the resolutions required for installation.
    - The program does not create a sys.txt file so you can change it at your own risk at any time.
    - The speedcam folder (speed camera) PLajos is loaded with top-of-the-range superflexial so it can be used with this.

    Truck settings.
    The program can handle truck settings so it can be used for trucks.
    VR Voice Search
    It is essential for the sound of the VR to operate on the device with the presence of Google sound-proof.
    If ninccs are installed here, you can download it here:

    Online weather: Real-time weather display on the navigation screen, planned route, at the end point.
    The sys.txt file contains a preset appearance, but following the installation, it is recommended to perform the following settings:

    Go to Main Menu> Settings> Sound> Announce System Messages> ON
    Go to Main Menu >> Left Bottom Small Man> Default Profile You'll See Right Lower Bottom Line 4 Click> Edit> Modify Autopilot> Adjust the arrow (car) size and small slider to fit the size you want and the right and left arrows You can choose an autopilot.
    Go to Main menu> Settings> Navigation view> Map appearance> Daylight and Night map colors choose the look you like.
    Go to Main Menu> Settings> Navigation View> Show Map> Use Location Markers and select the appearance of POIs you like. After selection, the POIs that you have selected will be displayed on the map during navigation.
    Go to Main Menu> Settings> Weather and turn on everything.

    and updated:
    You can find everything in the Extra settings, you can turn them on, do not want to make a new menu for them, we strive to make the user the easiest way to access important things on the navigation screen and not lose it in the navigation menu.

    - online weather display in real-time on the navigation screen,
    - online voice search on the navigation screen,
    - setting options for truck parameters,
    - toll roads button on the navigation screen> level can be switched on at Extra settings,
    - 2D maneuver overview, somebody likes me Specially not at all> at level, you can turn on the Extra settings,
    - new route on the navigation screen - I do not think you need an explanation at level - you can turn on the Extra settings,
    - favorites on the navigation screen, you can call your saved places at the touch of a button at the navigation screen level at Extra settings
    turn on,
    - route deletion button on the navigation screen, the button appears after the route planning at the navigation screen level at Extra settings
    turn on,
    - road section exclusion> after route planning, click on the navigation screen then click on bottom right corner 4 horizontal lines and pop up the menu, here you can choose the
    "You can stop or stop the road section",

    iGO PAL Nextgen Navigation Installation:
    1. Previously installed iGO or iGO Nextgen or iGO Navigation is not required to be removed,
    2. iGO_PAL folder and iGO_PAL_9.18.27.719974.apk.apk. to the internal storage of the device,
    3. Open File Manager (ES File Explorer) and install apk. you run the installation.
    4. After the installation is completed, launch iGO to connect the Internet to your device, this action must be in place for tmc (online traffic information) to start.
    After the above procedure, restart the Navigation program.

    Have a good journey!
    New Version here


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    link not working please upload again.


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      Originally posted by atasat View Post
      link not working please upload again.
      Re uploaded again . Enjoy


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        link not working please upload again.


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          Can you re-upload, please?
          Thank you!