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iGO Navigation + iGO Maps - HERE 2018.Q2 Europe

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  • iGO Navigation + iGO Maps - HERE 2018.Q2 Europe

    iGO Navigation
    Updated: 2018. June 25
    Requirement: Android 4.0.3 or later

    authentication link:

    It contains:
    - HERE Map contains the folder structure, HERE 2018 Q1 Hungarian map
    - Normal sounds + TTS sound for the Nuance Vocalizer engine
    - You can still add collections to the content / userdata / poi folder
    - The latest revised extended version includes all the resolutions required for installation.
    - Hungarian Modified Language File (Lang_Hungarian)
    - The program does not create a sys.txt file so it can be changed at any time at your own risk.
    - The speedcam folder (speed camera) PLajos is loaded with top-of-the-range superflexial Hungarian content so it can be used with this.

    1. Remove previously installed iGO Navigation,
    2. Copy the iGO_World folder and iGO_World_9.18.27.736653_modify_by_wassy.apk to the internal storage of the device,
    3. Open and install File Explorer (ES File Explorer) and install it. you run the installation.
    4. After the installation is completed, launch iGO to connect the Internet to your device, this action must be in place for tmc (online traffic information) to start.
    After the above steps, restart the Navigation program.

    The installer .apk contains a preset layout, but it is recommended that you make the following settings after installation:

    Go to Main Menu> Settings> Sound> Announce System Messages> ON
    Go to Main Menu> Settings> Extra Settings> POI Search Button on the Navigation Screen> ON
    Go to Main Menu> Settings> Extra Settings> Gas Station Button on the Navigation Screen> ON
    Go to Main Menu> Settings> Extra Settings> Parking Button on the Navigation Screen> ON
    It is possible to use the compass during navigation while on the Main Menu> Settings> Extra Settings> Compass Settings> ON.
    Go to Main Menu> Bottom Bottom Small Man> Default Profile You'll See Right Lower Bottom Line 4 Click> Edit> Modify Autopilot> Adjust the arrow (car) size with a small slider to fit the size you want and use the right and left arrows You can choose a car type.
    Go to Main menu> Settings> Navigation view> Map appearance> Daylight and Night map colors choose the look you like.
    Go to Main Menu> Settings> Navigation View> Show Map> Use Location Markers and select the appearance of POIs you like. After selection, the POIs that you have selected will be displayed on the map during navigation. For Truckers

    HERE 2018.Q2 (formerly NAVTEQ)
    iGO Navigation Software Update

    The Content includes:
    .fbl (maps)
    .fda (alerts)
    .fjw (ng intersection view)
    .fpa (dot addresses)
    .fsp (smart route profiles)
    .ftr (truck information)
    .hnr (pre-processed road network)
    .poi (useful places)
    .3dl (3D attractions)
    .3dc (3D buildings)
    .lyc (licenses)
    System Requirement: iGO Primo / iGO Nextgen / iGO Avicsync / iGO Navigation / iGO Pal
    running on iGO 8.3 or later on iGO
    Android running on WinCE system

    Delete old files and then copy
    .lyc files into
    / ... / content folder to .3dl, .3dc files in
    . / Content / map folder .fbl, .fda, .fjw, .fsp, .fpa, .ftr, .hnr files
    to .poi files
    iGO Navigation




    HERE 2018.Q2 (formerly NAVTEQ)




    If Link became dead Just pm ..

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      los enlaces no funcionan podrian volver a subirlos


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        I found this folder with 20 links to download the maps

        iGO Europe 2018.03 TOMTOM

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